WindChill 115V Patio Cooling Fan With Brown/Block Finish



The extensive Fogco misting product range includes the latest in climate control system technology. The WindChill Patio cooling mist fan is the perfect solution for cooling outside areas including patios, gazebos, and walkways. A single fan can produce a cooling perimeter as wide as 30 feet.

This fan includes a deflector plate that directs the air flow horizontally 360 degrees around the perimeter of the fan. The WindChill can cover an area between 400 square feet and 900 square feet.

The fan includes 10 cleanable nozzles on an enclosed stainless steel fog ring, 50′ of 1/8″ flexible high pressure tubing, a 12″ down rod and canopy and all the necessary mounting hardware. The motor uses 1.8 amps at 115V.

This model includes a brown applique with a block design.