Cool Zone
Sports Misting

Cool Zone is the first Company to use High-Pressure Misting Systems at Sports applications. Initially it was the Cool Zone “Work Zone” Misting Fan that was on the sideline of all the USC football games. In a quick amount of time these products were expanded to be used at other sporting events include track and field events, marathons, major league baseball, auto racing and even the Word Cup.
The place was Cool Zone’s products impact felt more than anywhere else is on the sidelines of NFL and NCAA football games. Cool Zone delivered, setup and maintained Misting Fans on the sidelines for both the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys at the 1993 Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl Los Angeles.
From 1995-2000 Cool Zone set up its Misting Fans from both the AFC and NFC All Stars at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Please look to Cool Zone to meet all your Sports Misting needs—Cool Zone has been successfully cooling professional athletics for almost 30 years and is still going strong.