Cool Zone Humidification Misting

Cool Zone designs build and install high pressure misting systems to maintain humidification levels at any level using high-pressure misting combines sensors in different sections to control humidity and temperature in every area in the facility. The flexibility of the Cool Zone misting system allows its use in any desired humidity control applications at a much smaller investment, as compared to conventional techniques of humidification. Many industries require the maintenance of the required level of relative humidity in living and working areas for a comfortable location is required to maintain the humidity at 40-60%. In addition, specific industries must have a ‘set’ humidity level throughout the facility to stop the warping or damage to the product.

Controlling the humidity level improves the quality of products in printing, textiles, wood, tobacco, brewing, and even tanning booths. Humidified air misting reduces losses during storage of vegetables in the production of eggs and poultry breeding, when growing plants in a greenhouse, and reduce or eliminate loss of the wine in wine storage barrels.

The overall principle of high-pressure mist humidification used in systems, allows you to quickly raise and maintain the humidity levels in premises of any size. Misting systems allow for the humidification of the environment with very-low energy consumption per 1 kg. Overall, the cost of installing a humidification misting system and resulting operating is quite cost-effective.

Cool Zone high-pressure humidification misting systems can easily create multiple zones with separate humidification electronically controlled via an electronic control unit with a humidity sensor. We strongly recommend the use of filtration systems and water treatment systems before it enters the high-pressure misting, including membrane or reverses osmosis water softening system. This will keep dusting to a minimum and significantly extend the life of injectors.