Big Dog Overhead Ventilation Fan & Misting System

BIGDOG® provides the cooling employees need in the summer to stay safe and more productive, while de-stratifying (pushing warm air down from the ceiling) in the winter to increase comfort and lower energy costs. The BIGDOG uses high volume, high-speed airflow to move massive amounts of air. The cooling effect is due to the high velocity, compared to typical low-speed ceiling fans. The BIGDOG is engineered to provide over 60,000 cfm of air movement and cool a 200 x 35 foot area.


  • Extremely quiet operations, at even the highest speeds, allowing for easy conversation and more comfortable working conditions
  • Durable fiberglass air deflectors for adjusting airflow
  • Fits conveniently in corridors and between sprinklers
  • Specially designed cable, pole, and wall mounts are available for proper place placement to deliver maximum airflow
  • Can be used with variable speed drive for smooth speed adjustment requiring as little as 300 watts of power, leading to best in the class energy efficiency of 40 cfm/watt

Cool Zone can make the Big Dog Ventilation Fan into a High-Pressure Misting Fan. Just by adding as many as 4 nozzles to as many as 50 nozzles, you can receive a dramatic reduction in ambient temperature throughout your facility.

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